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CareAcademy accepted into competitive Techstars business program

by CareAcademy | Feb 06, 2017 | Uncategorized | 0 Comments


CareAcademy accepted into competitive Techstars business program

Boston, MA, February 6, 2017—CareAcademy, an online education platform for in-home eldercare providers, today announced its acceptance into the competitive Techstars accelerator program.

“With an aging population, in-home eldercare providers are one of the fastest-growing segments of the American labor force. CareAcademy fills a crucial knowledge gap with accessible online classes,” said Helen Adeosun, CEO of CareAcademy. “CareAcademy helps build confident, skilled, in-home care providers, and we are excited to use our time in Techstars to expand our reach and improve eldercare in America.”

"Techstars Boston is thrilled to partner with Helen and Madhuri, the founders of CareAcademy,” said Semyon Dukach, Managing Director of Techstars in Boston. “CareAcademy is well-positioned to deliver a needed service in a market sector that is growing at a tremendous rate, and they have a very strong founding team. CareAcademy was one of only 13 teams to make it into the highly selective Boston Techstars accelerator program, and we are excited to work with them.”

Techstars, a global program that uses a mentorship and hypothesis approach to helping businesses grow, is a selective three-month accelerator program. Of the 884 companies that have gone through the program, 705 are active, 99 have been acquired and 84 have failed. Techstars’ companies have raised over $2.7 billion and are located all over the world.


About CareAcademy

CareAcademy provides online classes and certification for private duty caregivers of older adults. Our goal is to provide caregivers the tools they need to secure, negotiate, and build a fulfilling career and help families secure safe, reliable, and professional caregivers. CareAcademy offers a range of courses in subject areas such as Professionalism of Caregivers, Dementia and Alzheimer's Care, Family Caregiver Classes, Nutrition, and Activities of Daily Living and much more! CareAcademy is a winner of Google for Entrepreneurs Exchange, Aging 2.0 in both in Boston and internationally, Village Capital Future of Work Pitch Competition, and a finalist in AARP’s 2016 Aging in Place Award. For more information, visit

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CareAcademy provides expert-developed online training for senior home care professionals. Home care agencies nationwide rely on CareAcademy for the professional development of their employees and for meeting state certification requirements.

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Essential Skills for Family Caregivers

This CareAcademy class was created to provide family caregivers with essential tips and support to make this part of life a little easier to navigate. Topics covered include:

  • Infection Control
  • Personal Care
  • Transportation
  • Nutrition
  • Communication
  • Managing Stress

Being a family caregiver can be deeply emotionally satisfying. At times, it can also be stressful and overwhelming. Caregiving is a big commitment and older adults may need a wide range of different types of assistance.