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Illinois Home Care Policy Update: Portable Training Certifications Save Time

by CareAcademy | Mar 02, 2020 | | 0 Comments

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In Illinois, direct action by the HCAOA Illinois chapter members resulted in an updated home care training policy. Previously, home care workers needed to retake training whenever they changed jobs. Now, caregivers own their certifications, bringing those certifications to their next employer.  Employers will no longer incur the expense of re-training caregivers on the same topics they already completed; Caregivers’ roles are being incrementally professionalized and honored. 

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This is an important endorsement of efficiencies which support the upskilling and professionalization of direct care workers. We know that caregivers often work at multiple agencies at the same time. Allowing already trained caregivers to work with clients immediately will help alleviate the common problem of not having enough caregivers to fill all open shifts.  

CareAcademy’s platform is designed to enable the training portability put into place by Illinois policy makers. CareAcademy drives significant savings for home care agencies by facilitating caregivers access to all of their historical training records through one easy-to-use online dashboard.  CareAcademy’s portability tool, along with many automated compliance tools, allows agencies to save up to 64 hours per month of administrative time!*


Our customers in Illinois are already benefiting from our portability tool as well as the other automation, reporting and content in our platform.  Here’s what customers in Illinois are saying about us:

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"... We had the surveyors in from the State last week or two and they were familiar with the platform and it made for a smooth survey."

Dean Judickas, Special Care Nurses of America, LLC Tinley Park, IL




When a caregiver shows you a signed CareAcademy certificate they’ve received from another agency, you can rest assured they are well prepared to take on a client and that you’ll be in compliance! You can even use the time they would have spent re-taking that initial training to upskill them with meaningful training covering specific client skills, like dementia care. With our recent alliance with Teepa Snow, agencies can add-on nearly 100 hours of dementia care training to upskill their caregivers.


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*Source: case-study with actual customer employing 200 caregivers.


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CareAcademy provides expert-developed online training for senior home care professionals. Home care agencies nationwide rely on CareAcademy for the professional development of their employees and for meeting state certification requirements.

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